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Free Microsoft Antivirus Immediately outstanding 23 June 2009

Free Microsoft Antivirus Immediately outstanding 23 June 2009

Company classmates want to join Microsoft in fact make a contribution in the antivirus. That was raised by a representative from Microsoft to the front of the press some time ago. And plan, the beta version of Microsoft Security Essentials will be available to the public on 23 June 2009 to come. Of course this will be quite interesting to try, especially with lots of Windows users out there, especially if the difficulty is by malware fell ill. Perhaps this is the action to be able to cope with the complaint for the complaint to the user. And that the difficulties during this wedge because so many malware attacks, but Microsoft itself is not sufficient to be able to provide solutions to the products.

Previous project itself is called Morro, which offered special protection to be able to combat viruses, spyware trojan also will soon switch the Windows Live OneCare, which was never there. Where the first application is allowed to own 49.95 USD per year. But the noise made by the Live OneCare will be replaced by the emergence of this application Morro later.

Morro Applications are available in the free package which can be run on the operating system Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. This application is deliberately matched to Microsoft products only. In addition to more light and more effective as well.

Competitor-competitor that already exists such as AVG, Kaspersky and Symantec is a role more than what Microsoft offered for the application, said JR Smith, CEO of AVG add. Will the application later Morro is better than other antivirus? We are waiting his arrival later.

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