Sunday, July 5, 2009

Intel Atom processor not only for Netbook

Chip Processors Intel Netbook pledge so that can now be found everywhere in the form of a desktop computer, so with what are now made by Hewlett-Packard and Acer. On Wednesday ago, the details that emerged from the HP MediaSmart Server LX195, a home-server package with the processor Intel Atom 1.6 GHz given the price of 400 USD or about 4 million below with 1Gb memory and hard drives of 640GB. until now, HP has been using Intel Celeron and Advanced Micro Devices' Sempron processor. At the beginning of this month alone, Acer has Acer aspireRevo products, namely, small shapes, chasing up the Intel Atom processor with the nVidia chipset Ion to improve the performance of its graphics. this is expected to be even better with the price range of under 300 USD for some models.

Asus is one of the pioneers of using the Head Swaealing atom processor on the computer desktop with the Eee chasing, which has been enhanced with the use of ATI graphics. By design, the use of Intel atom processor itself is of course intended to save more power and the use of ration as a result, this is indeed slower than the speed of the chip processor architecture Intel core 2 Duo. Vendor HP, for example, the server mediaSmart it as a storage hub, which usually does not require much processing power. And the Intel Atom processor itself is a cheap price, that is, the Intel Atom 230 is only sold with the price only 29 USD, compared to the Celeron processor chip is priced about 34 USD and is far more extravagant portion charged. Main Processor Intel Core 2 Duo for the desktop this will give the price range starting from 110 USD. Intel has long been maintaining its Atom processors in the design of computer Nettop, and last year alone, Intel has been marketing the product Atom 330 Dual Core dipasaran. Strategy has been implemented in Taipei, where producers have the Asrock motherboard desktop computer with a processor Intel Atom 330 dual core and Nvidia chipset ion. Asus is also expected to update chasing Eee with Intel Atom processor is Dual core.

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