Thursday, July 16, 2009

Archos 9 Tablet Touchscreen Netbook Market Sound UK

Archos 9 Tablet Touchscreen Netbook Market Sound UK

This is not the first time for the new Archos products issued. This product is also not very new, but previously was marketed in other countries. This time with the Archos inaugurate product 9 in the UK in the hope that this product can be in demand market in the UK. Of course, with the price range that is slightly different from the previous price range. To own this Archos product specification mentioned that there is a short version and the 80GB capacity hardisk have also have a 160GB capacity. For the 80GB selling with a price around 735 USD or 7.3 million. While for the 160GB model itself was about 816 or about USD 8.1 million. Not only about price, the is leaking this information is also preach that later this Archos 9 to soon be marketed in September 2009 to come, while for the use of Windows 7 will be released on 22 October 2009 to come.

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