Wednesday, July 8, 2009

T-Mobile Dash immediately pressent 3G Month July 2009 to come

T-Mobile Dash immediately present 3G Month July 2009 to come. Ease of today we can taste with the ease of communication. Beruntungnya how we live at the time of this is very much different because of the era in which our forefathers only to communicate, so hard and long because of limited time and technology. Luckily it again because the technology already exists today, we are easy access, each time from where and at any time, we may also share information and communicate with relatives or relatives who live in two different places. Now appear immediately return the product output from T-Mobile where the product itself will be named Dash 3G. Indeed, if viewed from the type of design will be offered with a mobile phone is similar to the output HTC Snap announced that HTC has not been long in this year's CTIA event. WCDMA mobile phone can be run on the 3G network. This phone can also dikoneksikan to the Internet using Wi-Fi. Be sure akan easy if you're in a place with Wi-Fi, you can surf in the virtual world for free, and easy to use this network. View from the model, a smartphone that is already using the QWERTY keyboard that is currently used by many models of the present smartphone. To own operating system, use this mobile phone operating system Windows Mobile 6.1. Tell on the phone will soon be released in July 2009 to come. Unfortunately, not described in detail in any country and how the price of the phone. Wait for further news.
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